Binge or budget with the basics today, perfect for a casual weekend. The tote is what really puts this binge over the $$$$ edge.  It's beautiful, it's Celine and it's $1,200.  There are lots of less expensive alternatives out there, but of course if you can afford the Celine... nah, I was going to say go for it but I couldn't bring myself to do it, even if there's drool on my chin.

BINGE = $2,280

BINGE or BUDGET Weekend Casual, the binge
BINGE or BUDGET casual, the budget

BINGE or BUDGET Weekend casual, the budget by fromdrabtofab 

retro round sunglasses $10 /Madewell cotton t shirt $25 / H&M high rise pants, $23 / Vans white and black shoes, $69 / Faux leather tote bag $60 / Retro round sunglasses $10 / Tech accessory $25

When you want to take your stripes to the next level, (yes you can dress up stripes!),  pop on over to the style blog Atlantic-Pacific to see what fellow stripe lover Blair is wearing. She brings stripes to a whole new level! Seriously, would you ever think of putting a stripe tee under a pink dressy dress?!? So here is some inspiration from Blair if your interested in stepping out of the striped comfort zone.