Hi! And happy Motivation Monday! (Or Tuesday.) Sorry I wasn't able to post this Sunday night so you could get it in your in box Monday morning, I know some of you will read it off FB today (Monday.) The truth is I was lacking MOTIVATION! Oh the irony!

It's been a week ago Sunday since we've been back from an amazing trip to Greece and I just cannot get my mind off that Santorini sky and my body off a time zone 9 hours ahead! I'm so looking forward to sharing stories, recommendations and my gorgeous (if I do say so myself) photos with you in some future blog posts. Right now between work and getting ready to host Thanksgiving I'll feel lucky just to find time to download my pictures off the camera!

Here's a teaser pic (from my phone) because this I just cannot get off my mind!

Really, can you blame me!?!

But there's things to be done so let's remember...