Anyone ever tell you to 'dress your age?'  You may just want to tell them to get back to the closet!  A while back I wrote a post on Fashion Ageism, Friend or Foe, after hearing women say 'I'm too old for that', one too many times, so on that note....

Meet Linda Rodin, a fashion stylist and entrepreneur. Don't tell Linda there's an age limit to style! When she couldn't find an oil that suited her skin she made her own blend, Olio Lusso, and the beauty product line Rodin was born. She rarely styles celebrities (although she's always getting requests) because she says they don't know what they like. Linda herself clearly has no identity crisis. Her hair started getting white when she was 35 and she liked it that way. And as you can see by her outfit choices, at 66, she follows her own rules. Although personally, you will never see me with gray hair, (even when I'm 100, no, never), I love her freedom to be who she is, wear what she loves and be true to herself in all her fabulousness!
Photos {via} Rue Daily, original sources Harpers Bazarr/Coach and Vogue UK

Style is ageless!