I was recently tagging some old posts, (now that the blog has pages), and I came upon this story from a post I wrote about packing for a weekend getaway. It went so perfectly with today's theme, 'stepping out of your comfort zone', I decided to re-post the story...

On Saturday we took canoes out on the lake. I have never been in a canoe.  I've been in a row boat, a paddle boat, a motor boat, ferries and on a yacht.  But never a canoe, probably because it's the one that can tip over. 

When it comes to outdoor sporting adventures, although I adore the outdoors, I'm not exactly a dare devil kind of gal.  In fact if there's a chance of bodily harm I usually opt out. I like to be the one safely on the ground taking the pictures of everyone else risking their lives. 

So we're about to get into the canoe and I have on a life jacket (of course) and the instructor on the dock responds to my many 'concerns' about the boat tipping and says to my husband "you probably don't want to go under the waterfall then because the boat could fill up with water and tip".  NO!!!... he mentioned a waterfall!  I'm SUNK!  I knew my adventurous husband, didn't hear anything after the word 'waterfall'.  I carried on as he rowed toward it, at a very eager pace I might add, and I reminded him my hair was straight!  A big deal if you have curly hair that's about to get doused with water, not to mention my fear of drowning!  As we got closer, and my screaming got louder, I braced myself and quickly tucked my hair into my hat.  I screamed all the way through, it was ice cold, and the entire lake probably heard me scream "Mike I'm going to kill you!"  And then just like that we were out.  No water in the boat, no tipping over.  And just as my husband would have predicted I bragged about it.  "I canoed through a water fall!!!"  His adventurous side jolts me out of my comfort zone and I love the feeling of doing something that I may not have tried had he not dragged me kicking and screaming. 

Moral of this story, in fashion or in life, if you've never worn sequins or sparkly nail polish, ate spaghetti for breakfast and cupcakes for dinner or gone through a water fall in a canoe, what are you waiting for!?!  I challenge you to do something out of your comfort zone today!
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