From Drab to Fab ~ Backyard

Anyone else equal parts of wanderlust and a desperate need to stay home and nest? That's me, all the time. I love to travel and I love to stay home. Last summer we took an amazing trip (posted here and here) and this summer I couldn't be happier parked in my own backyard.  I adore out door spaces that are an extension of a homes living space. Whether it's a tiny balcony or 40 acres, there is always room to carve out a fabulous retreat. I really don't think I could live anywhere that I couldn't throw open the doors and step outside. I'm forever re arranging our backyard.  My husband has an amazing green thumb and creates gorgeous pots of succulents with transplants that end up being massive and I need to find spots for, and we seem to have an affinity for having cactus that grows 10 ft high!
I'd already created an outdoor living room with some new furniture some months ago. So I started looking for other areas that were a bit drab to turn into fab cozy seating spots.
That pillow is really pink, not red, so much for my editing skills!
Two benches that faced each other turned into another out door living room when I added this coffee table, (from who knows where), that I had painted blue and stashed in the garage.
Finally, after a long hunt, I found a pattern on cushions we actually liked for our pool lounges, the old ones fried by too many 100 degree days.
As far as wandering the globe, stay tuned we've got plans in the works! In the meantime there's cactus flowers...
and butterfly's
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