Happy Fab Finds Friday! Today's post is all about the classic black ballet flat. I'm known as a high heel kinda girl but truth be told I've never met a ballet flat I didn't like. In fact I consider them to be a necessity in every girls wardrobe. After all, they look good with everything, they're chic, comfortable, they fit in your bag so when you're wearing heels you can make a quick change when necessary.  And if they were good enough to make Audrey Hepburn a style icon, please... say no more!

I have worn out many a ballet flat over the years while all the while coveting what I consider to be the nirvana of ballet flats ~ The Tory Burch Reva Ballerina ~ cue the music please ~ Now it's not that they are hard to find, in fact to the contrary, they are always available from Tory Burch, and they are always $250. The criteria of a good designer find for me is not only that I love it but that I find it at a discount. The thrill of the hunt. And it's not that I haven't looked for these in every Tory Burch outlet on earth and I usually spot a pair or two but in orange and a size 10. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'd one day treat myself to a pair, dare I say it, at full price, because a size six in classic black would never be left over long enough to make it to an outlet store!  

And then it happened. A random stroll through the Nordstrom Rack shoe dept. and there they were, was this a joke? A Tory Burch mirage? And not only did they have a size 6 they had a 7, and 8 as well, and more than one pair!  How could this be I wanted to ask, but decided to grab my size and run for the register before someone changed their mind and pulled them from the shelves! As I handed over my Nordstrom Reward card (calculating my points in my head) I could have squealed with glee, and I would have had my Fashion Police not been with me to say "Mom don't squeal with glee." Not only did I now have my all time favorite ballet flats but I had them for $159! One of My Best Fab Finds Evah!
If you're a Tory Burch fan, run, don't walk to your nearest Nordstrom Rack. If not, here are some other    choices, in a budget friendly price range and what I'd normally go for had I not splurged on these.Your feet will thank you ;) 
The Classic Ballet Flat