Insta~Bits of Summer

June went by so fast didn't it? It was a fun month filled with a lot of action at our house. And I document, have iphone will travel. Here are my Insta~bits of summer so far...
An impromptu stop along Lake Chumash driving home from my nieces birthday party up North. Which explains the 2nd picture of my husband trying to keep up with her on the rock wall. Yeah, she's ahead, but she's 9  ~ Balloon Festival in AZ, so stunning ~ Cactus on a hike with my inlaws in AZ.
Grapes from our own grape vine! ~ The view from my pool raft, floating's a weekend priority ~ My happy corner, that mug says 'Good Morning' and it's always a good one when it starts in this spot ~  The chickens are running around the front yard of a house down the street.  The families two kids take care of them and sell the eggs on Fridays, we buy them and if we recycle the cartoon it's $1 off. Little entrepreneurs and environmentalists.
A visit from my girl friend of  30 years ~ A day at the races at Santa Anita ~ It wouldn't be summer without smores on the fire pit. ~ And juicing, to cancel out the smores.
A beautiful day in Santa Barbara means lunch at Pascucci because the garlic bread is heaven on earth ~ Selfie x 2 ~ And a new little gem of a discovery C'est Cheese.
My daughter on the Red Carpet for the Crystal and Lucy Awards. A great and inspiring evening in a room full of incredibly powerful women. 
An impromptu mother/daughter stop at Lake Shrine. I'd highly recommend a stroll around the lake. A little contemplation couldn't hurt.
We watched as the little Hummingbird egg turned into a baby which now hangs out in our backyard ~ And that's Franklin Irving, found wounded on our street. He stayed a while to mend in a corner of our vegetable garden hiding under some mint until there was room for him at the turtle sanctuary, yes there was a waiting list, who knew! He seemed happy to reunite with other turtles and jumped right into the pond.
Discovered a new favorite restaurant, Gracias Madres, it's stunning, it's Mexican, it's vegan and it's genius ~ Only in Cali do stores have gorgeous patios, this one at Ralph Lauren's in Malibu. ~ And I'm cheating with one July picture because who could resist Daisy in all her Patriotic Glory.

Happy July!