Binge or Budget Fall Basics ~ There are things I splurge on and things that I can't bring myself to splurge on because I can get something so similar for so much less. I tend to get my bargain on with the trendy pieces and save the investment pieces for things that never go out of style, well kind of. Here's a basic color piece pallet in grays and black.  You may be a cream and brown kind of girl, or a lover of pastels or brights, the point is to have basic pieces that work together to dress up or down, add color to and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! The BINGE below totals over $4,000, the Mullberry coat alone is $3,100! And the sweater's are Cashmere. The BUDGET pieces total $260. The sweaters are a Cashmere blend from Target, that's right Target and cashmere who'd a thunk it. Funny how a sweater at Target for $49 makes you stop and think "that's too much, this is Target" yet a cashmere blend sweater for $49 in an expensive store is "wow that's so cheap!"  It's all in our little bargain hunting heads. So on your next shopping trip if you like it and it looks good on you, that's great and if you're getting your bargain on too, well, that's just fabulous!

And it wouldn't be November on my blog if I didn't complain about wanting to wear sweaters and boots and it's still 80 degrees.  So when the mornings are cool and 'fall like' I ignore the weather report and dress for the crisp morning air.  Yes, I'm the girl you see at lunch time among the sandals and sundresses, looking stupid and sweating.    

Binge Fall Basics

The Mullberry coat here is $3,100 making the total of these pieces over $4,000!

Budget Fall Basics

The total for these pieces is $260. Cashmere Blends make Cashmere affordable and pick up a few camis, incredibly inexpensive and great for under everything!