The Tranquility Pop Up Tour Arrived in my back yard!

In case you missed my announcement (and several reminders) a few posts back, this past Saturday was the day that Kimberly Wilson, Tim, AKA Le Beau, Sir Louis and Lillie, the vintage RV came rolling into my driveway!  

Not only was I so excited to be attending one of Kimberly's Tranquility Pop Ups but I was co-hosting it in my backyard! 

The weather was LA perfect as Kimberly guided us through a life wheel, a guided meditation, sharing poignant and thought provoking questions. She taught us a great seated yoga routine and shared oodles of tranquility tips to incorporate in our daily lives. We crafted art folders and munched on cupcakes.

I loved connecting with more of Kimberly's online community which is filled with wonderful women I follow either via their blogs, facebook, instagram, etc, and hearing everyone's story and how as women, and over achievers, we all seek the same thing, tranquility!  Kimberly shared from her new book Tranquilologie A DIY Guide To Everyday Tranquility. which I have already devoured today.

Daisy got to meet Sir Louis who she now has a mad crush on, but alas, Louis spent most of the day chasing food while Daisy spent it chasing him.

Until she finally gave up.

I always feel renewed when I get to spend quality time with like minded women, so a big thanks to all of you that shared the day, and especially the Tranquility family!

Listen to the pod cast here.

So if you need a little Tranquility in your life, and who doesn't!?! check out Kimberly's web site and blog and all of her wonderful work and treat yourself to her new book, Tranquilologie A DIY Guide To Everyday Tranquility. And her other books Hip Tranquil Chick and Tranquilista, I highly recommend!

Thanks to the multi talented Dana Melanie for her photography and baking skills :)