Yesterday was the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/Spring 2014. Just when we are all thinking of fall and boots and sweaters. (OK maybe not me, as it's 105 degrees in my backyard as I write this!) But the world of fashion, as we know, is as always one step season ahead and Springing forward. My schedule didn't have room for a trip to NY this month, although I am in desperate need of my yearly 3 must have obsessions, (see them here), I hope to make it for Fashion Week in February.  But rest assured I have my spy's out there and ready to pass on all the news.  Also I'd like to introduce you all to my new favorite morning read The Look Report. Log on every day during fashion week to catch the live feeds of the runways shows!

Day one had a little bit of everything, but thank goodness for me and my wardrobe, black and white is still kicking it! Here's three favorites from the Tadashi Shoji show.

photos by Fabio Iona

It's gonna be a fun week!