From Drab to Fab ~ back yard corner make over.

We decided to re purpose this L shaped corner in our yard. It use to have a table, chairs and umbrella until one day the overzealous gardener, AKA my husband with a machete, was removing an enormous Trumpet Vine, (that I loved, but was moving the roof tiles), and dropped the machete through the umbrella and the glass table. With the table and umbrella gone and the sad little sticky pock marks on the stucco to remind me where my beautiful Trumpet Vine once climbed, it was a very drab space. Unsuccessfully looking for a new table I realized that this corner was the most private in the yard. 

I started picturing an outdoor living room with an L shaped couch and what I wanted was very expensive. Then someone I know had bought a set just to stage their yard while they were selling their house and now moving into a condo had to get rid of it.  The price was an absolute steel, coffee table, cushions and all!  Talk about instant manifestation! 

The trellis on the left and the round iron drum, or what ever it is, were both found pieces that someone had discarded. (crazy)

A few pillows, candles and greenery and it's become a major hang out corner for us. 

I turned the round iron drum into a table with a piece of glass I had and it fit perfectly.

Picked up this ceramic table top fire bowl/fountain at Home Goods. It runs on a gel Sterno, prefect for a little marshmallow roasting.  I'm probably not done adding but I think it's reached it's fabulous point. And it's definitely my new happy place ~ from drablulous to fabulous!