Fab Finds Friday ~ On a recent stroll through the mall I passed the Coach store and a pair of nude pumps in the window caught my eye. A few minutes later I passed Payless and a very similar looking pair of nude pumps was in the window. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair, my criteria, aside from looking good, is that they have to be comfy and priced right so I decided to do a comfort test. One of my early blogs, way back when, was about a shoe test I saw on Good Morning America. Twins walked a mile around central park in a pair of black pumps, one pair was Payless, with painted red bottoms and the other pair was Christian Louboutin, with the authentic red bottoms. The test was to see whose feet didn't hurt at the end of the walk. Was the expensive leather shoe a better walk than the faux pumps? No, each sisters feet were equally tortured by the end of the mile. Moral of the story, it doesn't matter what you spend, if you're going to walk a mile on cement don't wear high heels! Oh and as for my test, although I liked the way the Coach pumps looked better than the Payless, the Payless shoe, (from their line called Comfort Plus), won my comfort test.

The Nude Pump is the perfect transition shoe to go into spring and summer.  It looks as good with a work outfit as it does with a pair of boyfriend jeans. And the nude color will make your legs look longer.  Look for the heel and price that fits your style.