Summer in California offers so many great weekend getaways and to me that means a lot of mix and matching so I don't over pack. But before we get to fashion I need to brag, I mean share, my amazing news.  For those of you that don't follow me on Face Book, Twitter or fromdrabtofab on Instagram, where I have sufficiently blabbed about this, this week I was nominated for an Emmy Award as a writer! What makes it extra special is that it comes from work I do writing Public Servcie Announcements, (in conjunction with Women In Film Los Angels), for charities that cannot afford them.  I have won several awards for these as a writer and producer but this is my first Emmy nomination.  It's the icing on an already sweet cake :)

So, happy almost 4th of July!  I always like to wear something red, white or blue on the 4th because I like to be festive or as the Teen Fashion Police would say,  I'm a dork.

This Binge or Budget should really give you a good idea of how you can recreate any look that you like for less.

This first set is all designer and the 4 pieces total $1,563.

My version of 4 pieces with a similar feel total $139.  This would be a perfect outfit for our upcoming trip to Lake Tahoe.


Weekend Getaway Binge

Stella McCartney striped top
$466 -

DVb Victoria Beckham lightweight jeans
$395 -

Jimmy Choo wedge heels
$417 -

Tory burch tote bag
$285 -


Weekend Getaway July 4th

Orange striped shirt
99 DKK -
$16.77 US 

Wallis winter white pants
$42 -

Black tote bag
$40 -