GET YOUR BARGAIN ON!  Never discount the discount store!  No pun intended, OK maybe it was intended :)  I happen to come upon these shoes in this months issue of People Style Watch and it was instant love as in 'I must have you'.  I'm not really a Topsider/Boat Shoe kind of girl, but hello, they have sequins!  Upon reading where I needed to click on or run to, to snag my pair, I saw, low and behold, PAYLESS!  I have to say the thing about Payless for me is that when they do any kind of designer collab they are always extremely comfortable.  And I'm happy to report these are SO COMFY my feet are thrilled, as is my budget, they are $27.  I ended up getting the blue because I'm still in my navy and white stripe obsession phase so they will go with everything I have for summer.  (Thought bubble - Hmmm... I may need the gold ones too.)  How cute are they!?!

And the hat was a pleasant surprise to find at Payless, I saw a very similar one on line for $45, this one was $9.99. Here's a similar one.

And look at these!  Love them, they were too hard to resist. (These are sold out on line so check your local store.)

Speaking of Getting Your Bargain On, look at all these goodies from our local $.99 store.  Granted not every $.99 has local and organic produce, we are lucky.  I was standing on a chair taking this picture and didn't even get it all in!  Of course we only stopped in for dog bones!  This haul was only $40.  Even the striped top (see, stripes follow me everywhere) seemed to have wandered into this store by mistake.  100% cotton, over sized European brand, only one and calling my name.  It landed on The Teen Fashion Police.  See it below and styled over at Fashionloft8.

How did you Get Your Bargain On this week?