A little DIY goes a long way in taking your look from office appropriate to party pretty in less than 5 minutes and without dragging a lot of extra clothes with you. I have a lot of business related holiday gatherings on my calender. I live outside the city so I can't go home and change and it never fails that I run out of time at the end of the work day to allow a lot of time to change and get ready so I stream line with these EZ ideas.

Clip on earrings, I love them, just not on my ears! But when it comes to giving your work pump a quick party upgrade clip on earring are fabulous! They'll take a shoe from *drab to fab in less than 5 seconds!  Be on the look out the next time you're at a flea market, shopping vintage, or in the old family attic. These were my grandmothers.

Quick change of the work handbag to the evening clutch.

Add a sparkly brooch, I can't say enough about the brooch. I use them on scarf's, coats, my DIY wallet, pretty much anything you need to add a little sparkle to. Adding a pin to this scarf makes it party ready in under 2 seconds. 4 if I can't find my glasses :/

Swap out work hoops for dressy drop earrings and you're ready to party!

*That's a hint! Watch for the new name and new look of my blog coming with my next post, so excited to share!