Design Sponge Book Tour.  When interior design writer Grace Bonney started her blog Design Sponge in 2004 I'm sure she never imagined that 7 years later the site would draw 75,000 daily readers on its blog, not to mention over 121,000 on RSS feeds.  Those are stats every blogger dreams of! And when a fellow blogger writes a book, and comes to my city, I'm there. And of course I'm not the kind of girl to pass up a Red Velvet Mud Pie and a Lavender Lemonade, all served at the incredibly gorgeous Anthropologie Flag Ship store in Beverly Hills.  I had my mud pie on the plush couch inside the Tepee that sits in the middle of the store, but of course.

The book if filled with the homes of different people in different cities and I really enjoy peeping (legally) into the homes of others.