Two weeks ago I stopped in at my hair salon on the way to work after having one too many bad hair days.  It was time to change it up. I like change, which is why I was really surprised when I figured out I have been going to the same hair stylist for 18 years. WHAT!?! I have to say I shocked myself! Yes, I love the familiarity of my salon, where I have known everyone for ages and they will always squeeze me in for a hair emergency, you know those times when one day your hair looks great and the next you wake up and your roots are 4 inches long?  But lately my hair has just been weighing down my face and who needs that, bad enough we have to deal with gravity!  His reaction was "what's wrong with it?" and "you just need to let it grow longer." I love when they say that like we're the Barbie with the belly button you push to make your hair grow. 

As I drove off unsatisfied I thought "what's a curly girl to do?" Google curly hair experts, of course!  And I found John, the 'Guru' of curls.  I did a 'stop by' to check out the salon. I liked him right away as the salon was busy but he still took the time to walk over to talk to me.  He pulled on my hair and said "what's this? You got nothing going on here."  Two minutes later I had an appointment.  I wasn't after some huge change, just a shorter layered cut I could manage curly, straight, or somewhere in between.  So this past Saturday Guru John transformed my hair.  It was interesting going to a new salon after so long. I learned my natural part is on the opposite side than the one I wear it on, probably why I always had bangs vs cowlick issues.        

And there is the un-scientific experiment being conducted by Eric the hair washer. While washing my hair he asked me if I was an artist/creative person. I said yes, and he said he knew by the dent in the top of my head.  Yes, I have a dent, I actually call it a crator, it's big.  I always just assumed that someone dropped me on my head when I was a baby until I realized that my daughter has the exact same thing.  According to Eric creative people have this dent and intellectuals do not.  I couldn't wait to feel my husband's head.  He is a creative intellectual and sure enough he has half a dent!  So feel the top back of the crown of your head right in the middle where the top meets the back and feel if you have a dent and let me know if his theory is true or has Eric just washed too many heads?!? 

The moral of this story is, (yes there's a moral), don't get in a rut! I have a friend who was getting a divorce after many years of unhappiness and when I asked what took him so long he said "it's like a nail in your shoe, it hurts but you get use to it."  So beware of nails in your shoe, and bad hair days!