MONDAY MUST HAVES:  Simple Pleasures

Lunch. I love lunch. There, it's that simple. A break in the middle of the day to relax, catch up with friends or hubby, plot and plan with my Teen Fashion Police or just ponder alone with my trusty planner pad. I love lunch. My favorite place to go, when I'm lunching solo, is a French Cafe in West Hollywood, nothing fancy but the chef is very creative and always trying new lunch recipes, he loves lunch too. Last week it was warm brie with fig jam and walnuts on whole grain bread. I cannot describe it because when I took the first bite I died and went to heaven, seriously.

On those days when I'm too busy to get out to a favorite lunch, and I eat at my desk, I use a very pretty favorite plate.  It's bright and cheery and almost makes eating at my desk OK, (almost).  Last week the women who cleans my office accidentally broke it. Feeling bad she replaced it with one from our employee kitchen. A really, really ugly one. Not the same. I realized that I may be a dish snob! I also realized the importance of simple pleasures, be it a beautiful plate or a favorite tea cup, when we surround ourselves with favorite things we love we add soothing moments to our hectic days. 

My favorite tea cups

My pool raft, my favorite place to spend Sunday afternoons

Favorite wedding gifts that come in Kate Spade boxes!