Getting In The Spirit: Here's some great July 4th budget friendly holiday ideas to get you in the spirit. Set a holiday table and fashion yourself a little patriotism! We all have (I hope you have) that wardrobe staple white T-shirt right? Or that great navy and white stripe T, any red or navy accessories stashed away? 

If you're getting in the spirit at home use fruit, a big bowl of deep red apples on a white table cloth or some bowls of fresh blueberries, red cherries or strawberries will do the trick!

Have an old red and white checked table cloth? You can pick up a felt backed plastic one, very inexpensive.  Even if you just have a white table cloth pick up some red and blue paper napkins and your table will be instantly July 4th festive.

Love this idea, setting candles in red, white and blue sprinkles, you can also use use red hot candy, white rice, or red, white and blue jelly beans. 


Stars and Stripes
    Stars and Stripes by Polyvore featuring a denim vest

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!