There are 2 ways you can utilize a gift card, buy something for just the amount on the card or get something you’ve been wanting that you haven’t been able to afford and add to the card. Well, in the case of Barneys New York and my lovely $100 gift card I decided to stick to option one. Those of you familiar with Barneys know that there’s pretty much nothing you can buy under $100. In fact I worked part time in Barneys New York very briefly in college, I quit to take a job at Macy’s because what good is an employee discount if you can’t afford the clothes!?!  So option one would be a challenge.

With my cohort in shopping crime, (aka The Teen Fashion Police), in tow we headed off to Barneys New York, Beverly Hills. We began at the beautiful and chic roof top café. We had a gorgeous view of the Hollywood Hills, and it took me by surprise when I was handed the menu for Barney Greengrass. (a NYC Deli est.1908!)  Liking the juxtaposition, and not one to pass up an opportunity to connect with my NY Jewish roots or a good bowl of Matzo Ball soup, I ordered like a NY’er, just about the last things I expected to eat there. And it was delish.

Knowing my plan to stay within my gift card budget, but still enjoy the splurge, we headed to the makeup counters. I spy Chanel!  Ahh Ha are you feeling it? Although we were just looking for lipstick the Chanel rep wanted to give us each a ‘complete face’. Oh twist my arm! I love expensive makeup but I also love my Maybelline Great Lash so I knew what I would and wouldn’t splurge on. I’m proud to say that we did not go over the $100 on the card, but we did spend it all, and as you might guess it didn’t go very far at the Chanel counter but it was an awfully fun treat and after all, we’re worth it!

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