Everything Old Is New Again:

Recently I was helping my Mom move around some stuff and we came across my Dad's vintage Seiko gold watch.  One new battery later, here it is. (If my sister is reading this, don't worry, there's another one for you!) I love wearing this watch as it brings back great memories of my Dad. 

Is there an attic in your life?  A basement? Or some old stash to plow through on a trip home or maybe in your own closet?  A few years back during an episode of Sex and the City I nearly brought down the house with a blood curdling scream when Carrie, (on a boat cruising Manhattan and running into Big), was holding none other than the plastic clutch made to look like a Bazaar magazine that I carried all through high school!  And being the hoarder I am, still had stashed away somewhere. I have never seen this clutch anywhere else ever but Patricia Field, the Sex and The City Stylist, apparently came across it in a NY thrift store put there no doubt by another girl who went to high school when I did and knew how to purge.  Thank God I didn't!  I found it in the back of my closet and here it is. 

And don't discount your neighbors garage sale either, remember one girls trash is another girls treasure.  I adore a vanity chair I picked up at a garage sale in my neighborhood for $10. I'm going to re-cover the seat and now I'm searching for a vanity to go with for my new house. (Still searching for that too).  A few more treasures, this leopard jacket bought this summer in a consignment store in Santa Barbara, and this mink collared sweater that was my Grandmas.

Happy Hunting!