I've decided to get back to my blog roots today.  Originally I started my blog on the floor of my closet with my lap top in, well, my lap, having what I now refer to as an ICM, 'Imobilized Closet Moment' and singing that same ol' song we have all sung
I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!  And it's never true, we have tons to wear.

Think of your closet as a filing cabinet, if you want to check a bill you have to know which file to look in right?  So your closet is like a big filing cabinet, casual here, dressy here, black here, etc.  I have gotten much more familiar with the 'purge' word this year, which frankly use to make me nauseous. (see the pile from my original big purge).  But since then I've done many purges and I must say I just love clearing and creating space.  Which of course means there's room for more!  Just like in life, we have to get rid of what no longer works for us to let in new and wonderful things.  As a matter of fact I happened to have a wonderful new husband that proves that theory.

This week I walked my talk when I had to be out of the house twice by 6:30 AM!  This was only possible because I knew exactly what I was going to wear, right down to the earrings!  I also have the Teen Fashion Police to contend with. This is how my Fashion Boarding was born.  Whenever I put together an outfit like this one that's been Teen Fashion Police tested and approved, I have her snap a photo, you can do this for yourself just take it in the mirror, and then put it on your fashion board. This can be a bulletin board, the wall, the back of your closet door, even in a folder.  But when you are in a rush and standing in your undies thinking you have nothing to wear you will look at your board and Viola - instant outfit choice.

Like this Polyvore picture, don't forget to include the purse and other accessories you wore in your picture.

Polyvore Spring 2011 by Agata Martini

Or spend some time on the weekend putting together some outfits, lay them out on the bed and snap away.
Polyvore  Created by ♕ D.D ♕

It's really important to organize your accessories and organize your jewelry as well.  Know what goes with what.

In getting organized for spring make sure you have plenty of the basic essentials, lots of tanks/camisoles and leggings on hand, they work to pull together a multitude of outfits to mix and match.

And speaking of mixing and matching have a look at this fabulous video of Eco Fashion Designer Kimberly Wilson showing how to wear the pieces from her spring TranquiliT line.  Each piece transforms into multiple looks.  These versatile pieces can easily extend your wardrobe pairing with pieces you already own. LOVE THEM ALL!

Happy Spring Organizing!