WEDNESDAY WANTS:  Face-ing Spring!  Warm weather, blooming flowers, toes ready to peak out from sandals, could it be Spring has finally Sprung! 

Pantone, the global authority on color for design industries, says exotic destinations like India, Africa, Peru, and Turkey are the inspiration behind the top colors for spring 2011.

Yes, we're spring cleaning our closets but what about our make-up?  Isn't it crazy that things we put on our skin and our eyes we tend to let hang around waaay past their expiration dates?  Maybe it's because they don't stamp a big expiration date on where we can see it, like they do with eggs.
So here's a quick list (based on FDA requirements) to save face by;

Foundation - should be kept from 3-6 months. So try to buy one at time and use it up before you change brands for the millionth time.

Concealer - if you use one with a wand or stick applicator toss it within 6 months.  Remember it goes on your face constantly and then back into its container along with nasty little bacteria. Compact concealers can last for a year and try to use a sponge or makeup brush which helps keep bacteria out.

Powders -  like blush and eyeshadow should be thrown out after one year. Sorry, but that blue  Maybeline shadow you've been saving since high school prom... gotta go.

Lip gloss and lipstick - 1 year and no sharing!

Mascara - this is the most vulnerable of all our makeup, hello, it goes on your eyes! (those wonderful things we take for granted), and then back in its goop.  Sorry ladies but this one's on the three month plan. No buts! And this is another never share, not even if your girlfriend forgot hers and is begging, or only if you give it to her and throw it away after!

Pencils - lips & eye pencils, toss when they get dry and hard to apply. These will last a year if you sharpen them often and keep them covered. This is a problem for me, I always lose the covers.

Natural cosmetics - without preservatives, they should be used quickly, usually 3-6 months. Like the food you should be eating, without chemicals, they spoil fast.  Remember how that Wonder Bread never spoiled??? (scary)  Go by looks, consistency and smell, if it seems iffy, toss it.

Out of all the seasons Spring is probably the one that compels us to buy a new pink lipstick or a bronzer or a peachy blush.  So now that you have had to purge some makeup, because I know yours, like mine, was older then allowed, it's time to shop makeup!

Sonia Kashuk, Jemma Kidd, Petra Strand (Pixi) and Napoleon Perdis, all major indie makeup artist players on the modeling and entertainment scene and fortunately for us they each have their own line at Target, home of the 'designer brands we love for less' crowd.

These products are not just a bargain, they are also amazing and high quality and can go blush to blush with any of the high price brands at the major department stores.