Friday Finds:  DIY Wedding Part 2!  My wedding is speedily approaching and I have to give thanks to my wonderful Groom who is the most organized man on the planet.  I'm so lucky that he's on top of all the details so all I have to do is the fun stuff like buy things :)  This weekend we are going to Muskatel's again for the final list of goodies, that's the original Michael's Craft store in down town LA, it's huge and it's heaven if you are a DIY'er like me.

Here's what we have scored so far. In a few weeks I'll be posting the finished products!

We started with a kit for the invitations, not only were they nicer then anything we saw on line or in the stores but at $30 for a box of 30 it was a great deal, including absolutely everything you need.  It was a bit tricky at first figuring out the printing and we did waste a bunch but it still was much less expensive then using a printer or any of the on line sites we looked at.  And design wise we love them.

We were surprised at how challenging it was to find a post office that had wedding stamps, start early.

We used the wedding caked stamps for the outside and the LOVE stamps for the RSVP cards. We didn't plan it but several people called to say they thought it was great that our invitations arrived on Valentines Day!

I love books and I love to buy books, but I found it much more economical to go to the library for wedding books, they had two shelves full!

Because the ceremony will actually be on the beach we needed an Arch to stand under.  The rentals run about $50 but we found this one for $15.  I didn't expect it to be so big and sturdy when we put it together but it is and I got oodles of white tulle for it downtown for $.99 a yard!

We have chunky glass vases for the tables which will alternate candles, fresh flowers and shells (keeping with the beach theme) and we got these small candle squares for in between.  They come in a flat of 30 for $15. You can never have too many candles to set the mood.

I saw these 'message in a bottle' bottles in the wedding magazine The Knot. They put the seating place card inside then stuck them all in a big bowl of sand.  I love this idea.  We got these at Muskatel's for $.50 a piece. I have the perfect big glass bowl and the sand is free.

The shells for the tables, also free from years of collecting on the beach. But they do sell bags at the craft store very inexpensive.

That's it for now, can't wait to pick up all the rest of the haul on Sunday.

Happy Shopping!