Find YOUR Style!

TODAY IN THE CLOSET: I decided to stop numbering the days, since the days in the closet and the days on the calender are out of sink, due to the evil virus gremlins that invaded my computer. But no matter, after all, any day in the closet is a good day! So what's your style? Romantic, Classic, Funky, Trendy, Chic? All of the above? Get inspired, find your style, and Get Your Bargain On!
We suspect that whoever said 'money can't buy happiness' just hasn't found the right place to shop!

If you took everything out of your closet and made two piles, the clothes you love and the clothes you never wear, and only put back the clothes you love, you would look fabulous all the time! Simple.

So get inspired by what you love, chances are you already have pieces in your closet that can re-create a 'look' you saw in a magazine. Sometimes all it takes is some fresh accessories and you're good to go.SJP GET THE LOOK