DAY 8: Was anyone actually in their real closet before the Golden Globes? And doesn't everyone have someone, an agent, publicist, a best friend, a significant other, a family member, a nosy neighbor, SOMEONE, ANYONE, besides the designer desperate to have you wear their over done dress, to tell you NOOO!

So here it is, the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY:

Here are the women that know it's not about the dress, it's about how you look in the dress!

Monique, Sandra, Merril,
three, extraordinary women looking simply

Emily Blunt, pretty in pink.

Penelope Cruz, always lovely.

What happened to glamorous Julia??? Is it me or does she look like she's going to the office? When she presented her straggly hair covered almost both her eyes completely, and although I know the necklace is worth a fortune, it looks like she borrowed it from a rapper. Where's Pretty Women?

Then there were the Flowers,
Jennifer Morrison and Chloe Sevigny

And The Drapes

Miriah, did no one stop you???

Tina looked like a wire dress form from 1938 and Jen, we all love your hair but come on, it's the Golden Globes! We're board with seeing your hair the same all the time. I love sexy black dresses, but at every award show? And it looks like someone ripped the slit, too high.

Julianne Moore, Balenciaga never looked so bad! And the casual
I love Drew but I thought this was so un-flattering. She looked washed out and emaciated and crystal sea urchins belong on a shelf.