Day 41

Day 41. Started out with yoga clothes today, typical for a Saturday morning, but it was slim pickings in my closet that needs attention. You can tell what a crazy week I had by the chaos in my closet. Today I was going to a different yoga class. My friend who was taking me told me it would kick my A**. That was an understatement! So turned out it didn't make a bit of difference what yoga clothes I wore as by the time the hour and a half was up they were soaking wet and unrecognizable. And so was I! My straight bangs were in ringlets from sweat and a very nice women lent me her towel during the class. I have never sweat that much ever! I've recovered and we have a wedding reception to go to. Frustrated that nothing is fitting, (note to self, loose 5lbs, ok 10), I'm going with the old faithful black stretch jersey dress with the plunging neckline. After all does anyone ever get past the cleavage?