STYLE FILE: Day 9 in the closet

Day 9. If it's Wednesday I must be purple. For some reason I have never owned anything purple until this year. Then all of a sudden I was drawn to purple cloths and accessories. My favorite summer flats, purple Steve Madden's, (got at Ross on sale of course).

Maybe because I have red hair, you'd think that would be a big 'Don't' clash. But instead the opposite turns out to be true. "Wow, you look great in purple" I'm getting that comment today. It's not like I'm all in purple, I do not look like Barney the Dinosaur, just my blouse, but I think that we so often stick to the safe colors, black, white, cream, and my mother's favorite, taupe, that we just need to stir it up a bit and go bold.

So it's hump day, make it purple, or pink or red! It's definitely 'Style' not 'Convenience'.

So brighten up your week and put some color in your closet!