Day 8

Day 8. 8:30, still in my undies, debating the age old question 'what am I going to wear today'? Which brings me to another question. 'Why do we even have things in our closet that don't look good on us'?

When we purge, (the dreaded purge), why do we still keep the so-so stuff? If everything we owned looked fabulous then we would always look fabulous even in a pinch. I know, it's good in theory.

This means that the pants I'm wearing should go into the purge bag when I get home. It's not that they're not nice, or in good condition, it's just that they are somewhere between long and capri and kind of can't make up their mind. And they make me look short, (shorter), even with heels. The shirt I ended up wearing is good, a navy and cream sheer baby doll with navy tank top underneath. But I'm thinking if I had on a pair of long slimming cream pants the entire look would go from 'Convenience' to 'Style'. A 'Don't' to a 'Do'.

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I'd better make a dash for the door before the teen fashion police wakes up and vito's me back into the closet!