Day 17

Day 17. Well, it seems that my masacre of the ant community that took over my closet last week got back to the head of the ant army who has now sent in many troops for revenge. The closet seems to be holding it's own but I woke up to an invasion of the dog and cat bowls. But, in spite of the hour I spent re-claiming my kitchen I left the house as a 'style' and not a 'convenience'. Its' Thursday and I am proud to say that every day this week I have been approved by the teen fashion police that inhabits the second floor of my house and only comes down to vito my outfits.

It all comes down to having those great pieces that you can throw on without thinking about it especially when you have no time to think. I used last weeks purple outfit to brighten up a stressful day. Makes me think about how great that purge I did was, even though it was forced upon me by the ant invasion. Less is more, go through, clean out, make room for new and discover, like me, things you forgot you had. I'm a saver and the purge word still scares me, but it sure does feel good after you do it and it makes getting dressed a lot easier!