Day 16 in the closet

Day16. Good morning! Today, in another mad rush, I found myself standing in the closet going DUHH... Then it occurred to me that I have not mentioned accessorizing, my favorite thing! You can be wearing the plainest outfit, (like me today), but with a some great bangles and a great purse you can look SO fabulous! Then I realized that you have been in the closet with me for 15 days now and I have not sent you to get Glam Slammed! What is wrong with me? Anyhoo, here is what I think about accessories and where to get them at great prices., that's my site to go to if you love glamour, have a passion for fashion and would like to steel a celeb look for less. Nothing works better for stretching our fashion dollars like accessorizing. And as a lover of fashion, and all things fabulous, my goal is to bring you that incredible handbag, or accessory at a great price. The best look for the best price, is what makes Glamorousity so FAB-U-LESS. ! So go have a peek and Get Your Bargain On!