Happy November!  And happy almost Thanksgiving!  From our very first Thanksgiving together, my husband and I hosted big Thanksgiving feasts for family and friends.  It was pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.  Mike made a lot of the side dishes.  He even has a 'secret' recipe folder.  We also had different ideas about how to cook a turkey.  Mine was traditional, and he always had some new, hip recipe he found to try out on our unsuspecting guests.  That led to two turkeys being cooked and what came to be known as Mike & Julie's Annual Turkey Cook Off.  Everyone participated, in our blind taste test, which each of us tried to blatantly sway in our own favor.  It was always a lot of laughs.  Well, Covid broke Thanksgiving traditions around the country last year, and we all adjusted, shifts were made, and Zoom blew up.  

This year we will not be hosting due to Mike's condition (if you don't know about that, you can read about it here).  Since he still thinks he can do everything, but suffers massive confusion, the kitchen has become a "Danger Will Robinson" zone.  

I posted some of the pictures, below, of past Thanksgiving's last year, for Covid Thanksgiving, and thought I'd share again because there are some good, easy no/low cost tablescape ideas.  

The first picture is of my favorite centerpiece.  My daughter and I forged pine cones, twigs, and berries to make these and the galvanized buckets were from the dollar store.  You don't need to spend money to make a beautiful tablescape.  Picture 2 is one of my charcuterie boards.  I love making these, they become their own table decor because they're so pretty.  Picture 3, what to do with your left over halloween pumpkins, paint them!  Picture 4, a super quick and easy napkin holder idea made with twine and a sprig of rosemary.  Pictures 5 & 6, just for show.  Picture 7, store bought rolls that you score with a knife and stick a pecan on the top and wa-lah you have a tray of edible mini pumpkins.  I found this on Pinterest.  Picture 9, one of our Thanksgiving Al Frescos, the beauty of living in Southern CA, extra special because it was my Moms last Thanksgiving with us.  And 10, my favorite fall wreath on our front door.  

Covid has changed things for so many and my husband being sick has changed so much for us, so it's time to make new holiday traditions.  What those look like, honestly, I have no idea.  But I do know that Thanksgiving will continue to be my favorite holiday.  For the "Thanks"" part I'm thankful for all the memories I have of this holiday. 

And for the "giving" part, I like to give meals.  It's so easy!  Did you know that for the price of your Starbucks you can feed four people on Thanksgiving!?  Just google your local mission and make an on line donation.  It would mean so much to those who need it.

From Our Home To Yours, 

    Happy Thanksgiving!