Well, we made it.  That's normally something flippant to say but not this time, this time saying we made it means we survived 2020, and we didn't die of COVID.  Wow, it still seems so unreal.  2020, the year that will always be remembered, but never missed.  

I cried my eyes out this year.  I cried and mourned the deaths of people I've never met.  I cried over injustice and hatred, I cried for the homeless, and for people who lost their jobs, and for parents that couldn't feed their children.  I cried in the morning and I cried at night as I gave thanks for my health and the health of my family.  I cried over every elderly person I heard about that had to die alone, which brought up more grief over my Mom, but also gratitude that she died with me by her side in 2019 and not this year alone like so many others.  

We started 2020 with a trip to Arizona to visit my in-laws and took a detour to beautiful Sedona.  Then it was off to NY for a girlfriends 60th birthday at the end of February.  She was born on leap year so technically it was only her 15th birthday.  So she threw herself a Quinceanera, Long Island Jewish girl style.  Two weeks after we got home we found out two of our friends who were at the party had Covid, fortunately they are fine now.  Then someone else who was at the party died.  Lockdown began.  

Our trip to see the Passion Play (which is only performed once every 10 years) in Oberammergau, Germany in October was CANCELLED.  Another 60th birthday bash that was planned for Greece in May CANCELLED.  The Paris retreat I was to attend in June CANCELLED.   Even the LA freeways were empty, it was a ghost town.  And the workings of the world were CANCELLED.  As I worked safely from home I also cried tears of gratitude for the fact that Covid had not touched me or my family.  I cried tears of gratitude that we had enough food and yes toilet paper!  If I had to go somewhere I carried a giant can of Lysol with me, I'm that woman now.  I worried that if Covid didn't get me chemical asphyxiation would.  I'm so grateful that my daughter was in our 'bubble' and I could hang out on her couch and we could watch Sex And The City re-runs together.  

We took our last beach walk of the year on Sunday to a beautiful Malibu sunset.  Later that night we had a rainstorm and the next morning I drove right into a rainbow.  Tuesday night was the last full moon of 2020.  According to astrology guides it signals new beginnings after a period of life altering experiences that have lead to this opportunity for healing.  Well, that's an understatement! 

With all of the horrific things we had to bear witness to this year I believe we also learned how to appreciate all that we have.  I'm hopeful that the world has changed for the better, and that there's been a global awakening of consciousness.  My word for 2021 is positive change, what else!

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for being here and wish you health and happiness for 2021 and always!