Hello and happy Cyber Monday!  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  Everything's on SALE as you know, especially on line now that no one can really go shopping in person.  Personally, I have declared a moratorium on shopping until I learn to purge better.  With the exception of the things I buy late at night when I can't sleep like these amazing Cole Haan shoes.  These actually showed up on my instagram feed late one night and if you've ever had or tried on a pair of Cole Haan shoes you know that they are incredibly comfortable.  They were also on sale from $180 to $39!  Plus an extra 20% off for giving them my email and free shipping.  Leopard is only second to stripes as my favorite pattern so I bought them at record speed before they were gone.  

I love a good ballet flat, but as someone who has spent a lot of her life in high heels I'm not giving them up, although the desire not to break an ankle has made me re-think the hight of the heels I wear now.  That's all, not giving them up, just opting to modify.  I love this thick square heel, they're comfy and I don't feel like I'm risking a fall with my clutsy self.  

Recently one of my girlfriends and I decided that when we talk about things that change as we get older we're not bitching about aging, we are just sharing wisdom.  So that's my high heel wisdom for today.

Now, if you want to shop, here are the basic building blocks for an ageless winter wardrobe.  Great jeans, preferably a dark pair and a distressed pair.  Two comfortable pairs of boots, tall and booties.  A perfect pull on any time great black sweater, a long cardigan, cozy scarf, great sunglasses, a perfect pair of ballet flats and a great throw everything in bang around kind-a-tote bag.  Everything else is optional ;)

Loving these shoes and if you're asking why I ever bought a pair of pants in this color I have no idea!  I've never worn them before and they've been in my closet for two years, tags still on, (see, bad purger!), thought they'd look good with the shoes though.