Happy October!  I hate to be the weather girl but when posting about October and fall it's hard not to mention that we are still in triple digit temps here in Southern California.  But the calendar says October and I always go by the calendar, except if you want to talk about my age, but that's about to change! (make sure you read to the end of the post to see my announcement below).  So today I'm sharing how I turn my home into fall feelings, (after which I jumped in the pool!), some adorable info graphs to motivate you with great ideas for fall self care, and my afore mentioned announcement. 


It's time to shake things up around here!  As I mentioned above I follow the calendar, except when it comes to my age, I stopped counting around 45 and I'm waaay past that number, which is really the point.  It's just a number!  I've decided to talk more about this on the blog, this life in the middle lane, and fess up that I am 60. OK that's a lie, I'm 61.  I'll be changing my instagram handle too so be on the look out for LIFE IN THE SIXO.  I hope you'll stick with me for some more fabulous fun along with tips and tricks for navigating an ageless lifestyle.