Happy May!   Has anyone tried to put their feet into a regular pair of shoes lately?  Asking for a friend.  OK really, let me just say that after being barefoot or in sneakers for weeks,  putting on shoes to go to work, even ballet flats, caused a serious rebellion from my feet.  They were like, wtf?  I've been working from home but do need to go into the office too, not complaining, believe me I'm counting my blessings.  But seriously, I think my feet have grown into the next shoe size!  So my new look for work I'm calling Corona Casual, includes sneakers, face mask and gloves, let's face it, it's just one step up from my pajamas.

So, if anything comes out of this disaster, besides bigger feet, gray roots and agoraphobia, I hope it's the realization for all of us that health is number one, without that we have nothing.  I saw an instagram post from someone I follow, (@kim_halverson), at the end of which she wrote don't forget to take your MEDS.  At first I thought whaaaat?  She's young and healthy, and then she spelled it out, best acronym I have ever seen!   MEDS = MEDITATION, EXERSIZE, DIET and SLEEP.   So lovely ladies, don't you forget to take your MEDS!  And as my Mom always used to say, this too shall pass.