Just dropping in to say hi and hoping you are doing well in these crazy times.  It feels so serial doesn't it?

I had in inquiry from a reader regarding the last post, FASHION DIVERSION.   She wanted me to know that the photos of the accessories didn't show up.  That happens sometimes with emails due to the way the blog post is built, all that techy stuff, and it's especially common with pictures and products.  So, if you receive an email with a post and there are no pictures (I will always have pictures!) all you need to do is click on the post title, in this case FASHION DIVERSION and it will take you to the actual blog page.  You should do that for every post so you don't miss anything!  Also, I always have the post link of FB and instagram too :)

And while we're here, how many times do you wish you had free time to do all of the stuff on this totally adorable info graph I found on instagram?  But now, when it's forced upon us with anxiety and for some, financial worries as well, not so wishful.  But then again, there's just something about this little chart I find so comforting.  So I'm going to try and do every one of these things in the next two weeks, even though I still have to work from home, I hope you will too.   Check them off one by one and challenge yourself to the art of self care.
credit - @sasa_elebea