Hellooooo and happy October! We recently spent some time in the forest among the giant Sequoias.  Kings Canyon National Forest to be exact.  That's us, pretty teeny tiny, in front of this magnificent tree. I saw this quote on Instgram, I don't know the author but I thought it sums up life so perfectly. Letting things go that no longer serve us, although sometimes painful, can be a beautiful experience. As you watch the trees shed their leaves this fall think of what you can shed. From the small things like clutter to the big things like people that drain you.  

These trees are considered to be fire proof, they burn but they don't burn down. With all the forest fires in CA they've survived thousands of years because they need to be burned to re-generate. How inspiring when we compare this to our lives don't you think? We get burned plenty but it helps us regenerate. Regrowth in the spring could never occur without the shedding of leaves in the fall. 

Happy Monday!