I always say one girls trash is another girls treasure. I have a knack for treasure hunting, usually when I least expect it and completely by accident. Let me start by saying we're doing a lot of purging, re-arranging and more furniture is the last thing we need. But, there's always a but, I couldn't resist this fab find small glass door 4 shelf perfect condition cabinet. I love a good shelf. I'd rather take a shelfie than a selfie any day. Where to put it and what to do with it was another questions.  And should I paint it or leave it this reddish color, which actually almost matches my closet door.  And yes, someone threw it out! When I was growing up if you took something someone put out on the street you were a garage picker, now you're saving the planet by recycling it. Who knew!?!
I decided it would make the perfect hat cabinet. A hat cabinet you say? Yes, why not, doesn't everyone have a hat cabinet? Handsome, good sport that he is, said just put it near the closet. OK that meant moving book shelves we have near the closet. So I purged that and decluttered it a bit and we moved it (and by we I mean he) to another corner of the sitting room in our bedroom, of course there was something in that corner too that had to find a new home upstairs. And then that displaced something else. Oye. One thing leads to another when you start to make changes in your decor, same as when you make changes in your life, the old snow ball effect.
But getting back to my future hat cabinet. I did fill it with hats. It reminds me of my millinery class at FIT, which I failed by the way, because my final hat project was lopsided. I tried to get out of it by telling the teacher my head was lopsided but she didn't believe me. And although that class left me with some traumatic memories I'm a hat girl. They're on a high shelf in our closet and I can't reach them without a chair or handsomes tallness.  Also, please excuse the awful color of our walls currently. It used to be a light terra-cotta color that I came up with that I absolutely loved but that was a long time ago. Now it's faded and blah, soon to be replaced by a creamy white. Lawd knows what changes that will lead to.
I like the finished results and my husband even thinks it's cute, although he feels the mannequins eyes are very creepy. (Insert eye roll).