Happy Motivation Monday and Happy SPRING!  April is a great month to BLOOM and just like the seeds that begin to peek up through the ground, the seeds that we have planted in our lives also grow. We can't always see what's growing and sometimes, just when you think a seed didn't take, out pops something in the garden and in our lives. Spring is about rejuvenation, physically and emotionally.

I'm coming off a long weekend and a March full of fun. This past weekend we had a great visit from my step mom-in-law. We share a passion for all things garden so we decided to visit Desconso Gardens. Not everything was in bloom yet but, as you can see from my pictures, the tulips were out in full force. We also got to drive up north to my sister and brother-in-laws, I love hanging out with them. We celebrated Passover and Easter and my daughters birthday month. We prefer experiences to gifts these days so we did a lot of fun things like making clay pots on a potters wheel, which was so much fun, and really hard by the way. Notice my apron, I had more clay on me then anyone else in the class of course :O And we did a family bike ride on the paths in Griffith Park. And a great trip to Austin for SXSW which was in my last post.

Happy Spring!