Happy November! Here we are, the first Motivation Monday Tuesday of the month and day 14 of my Kris Carr 21 day cleanse!  So let's talk motivation, as I'm still in recovery from an accident I had with a bag of Trader Joe's peanut butter cups on day 9. In my defense it was Halloween. And then there was the incident at the Deli, and by incident I mean cheese blintzes. OK, OK, but other than that, I have been really, really good!!!
So this is the BIBLE as I like to call it, one big book of motivation! It's called Crazy, Sexy Diet.  It's not new to me, I've had the book for a long time. It's a great read from Kris Carr, someone who has been to health hell and back and is here to teach us what we need to know. And we do need to know it! She will make you re-think what goes into your mouth and the phrase 'you are what you eat' will be etched into your consciousness. And she's really funny. You are a GOD POD!

This is not my first attempt to do this 21 day cleanse, it's just the first time I've stuck with it. And I'm actually loving it! It's not a hunger strike, it's not about suffering, there's plenty to eat. She gives you a guide but basically you're on your own. Wait, let's clarify that. You can eat what you want as long as you eat whole foods. She recommends giving up meat, dairy, gluten, anything processed, alcohol, sugar, white flower. Adding green juice, smoothies and lots of fresh fruit and veggies, vitamins, seeds, tea. There's also a 60/40 version or a 80/20 version for those of us that are not vegetarians. I actually wrote about my own 80/20 rule about food a while back, if you missed it you can read it here.  I don't eat gluten, (most of the time). I'm not allergic but I'm gluten sensitive, if you don't know what that means and you think 'gluten free' is a fad, I will just say that if you have any digestive issues at all, try going gluten free for a week and see what happens. It's so easy to be gluten free now, my two staples are O'doughs 100 calorie seeded bagels, so good toasted, and Diamond Nut Crackers, because I'm a cruncher. Any fellow crunchers out there? Also good for crunching at work, nuts, seeds, carrots and apples.

I don't eat sugar, (again, most of the time) I know it's poison, Kris calls if crack. I can relate. It causes inflammation in your body and that my girl friends is the root of all evil. 

I don't drink, I take enough vitamins for my husband to make fun of me, and I rarely eat meat except for chicken. And I already juiced, but not enough, and drink tons of tea. I needed to add more than I gave up in the way of green juice and veggies.

Juicing is a miracle worker. On this cleanse I've had to juice more than I normally would because it is a bit time consuming. But so worth it, I cannot tell you how much energy I have when I drink green juice in the morning, 8 oz, and then the other 8 oz in the afternoon.  It's like speed! My basic juice is kale, spinach, carrots a piece of ginger root and an apple to make it sweet. 
Some days I do shakes instead with spinach, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, which is so good, 1 cup has 45% of the daily calcium requirement and only 40 calories. I add Maca which is good for hormonal balance and extra energy. If I'm in the mood for chocolate I put in a spoonful of Cacao, (pronounced ka cow) not to be confused with Cocoa. Cacao is chocolate in it's most unprocessed form.  And it is not sweet at all so to the shakes I add a date and berries. I also use it to make chocolate milk when I have a desperate sweet tooth and sweeten it with Stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener from a plant. Don't get the combos like Truvia, they have added sugar which defeats the purpose of using sweetener made out of a plant. But leave it to the sugar manufactures to try and trick us! Also, to keep from falling off the wagon with sugar, keep a bar of dark chocolate around to kill that sweet tooth. It's really true that chocolate, at least 70% cocoa, is full of antioxidants. This is a proven scientific fact and not just something made up by some chocolate crazed hormonal women, like me. 
I didn't give up eggs, fish or chicken although I really cut back on the chicken. I did give up dairy or as Kris calls it cow poop, with the exception of Greek Yogurt.

My favorite part of the book is the actual 21 day guide, which gives you a page a day with information, motivation, a daily focus, inspiration, affirmation, prayer, God Pod maintenance and an extra tip, like today eat a fermented food for your tummy. One of my favorite affirmations was on day 10 ~ 'I am ripe with power, passion and sizzle'. Try that before you leave the house!  It's pretty hard to have a bad day when you're sizzling. Come, sizzle with me.
This was a salad I had for lunch on day 1. Broccoli slaw with butter lettuce garbanzo beans and nuts.
Fritatas with sweet potato crust.
Zoodle soup. Do you had a spiralizer? Best kitchen gadget ever created and I think I spent $12 on it. 
Roasted Veggies.
And there's always time for tea.

So it's day 14 and I've stuck with it! But yesterday the strainer on my juicer broke. A minor set back. I'm really enjoying being this good to myself and as a bonus I've lost 3 lbs so far! 

FYI ~ This post is just me sharing, I have no stake in her book or any products in this post.