Happy September!  Not much motivation needed on this Monday if you're off for the holiday :)  Hard to believe it's the beginning of fall! September's the slow down month, our body clocks are ready to sip apple cider, buy new boots and throw the first log on the fire. And I look forward to all of those things, but probably not until November! Here in Southern Cali we're having a heat wave so it's sandals, shift dresses and oodles of ice tea. Yesterday when I got in the car it was 124 global warming degrees. I'm not complaining, I had a great weekend floating on my pool raft, gardening with my family and making plans for fall because it always shows up eventually.
I took this picture on Tuesday at the opening of this beautiful new park by my office. It looks a little like fall but in reality it was broiling. You'd never know it by looking at these Mounties on horseback, calm, cool and collected. How do they do that!?!
Tea makes everything better.
Good things to remember.