Tonight's Super Moon will be the biggest and brightest in 70 years! Do you believe it has magical powers? I do and I've always been intrigued by the moon. I never knew much about it scientifically but when it's full I have a tendency to be drawn outside into our backyard late at night. It amazes me and has a powerful vibration that I can feel.

And speaking of magical, I had an amazingly fabulous girlfriends day yesterday at the Ojai Holiday Home Tour and on the way home, you know to make it more magical, the moon was so big and so low it looked like it was sitting on the mountains. When we got back to my house we sat outside under the moon, lit a candle, made a list of what we wanted to manifest, made a toast to this Goddess in the sky and said a prayer of gratitude that went something like this;

  • Thank you beautiful moon for your wonderful power.
  • We are so grateful for your presence. 
  • It is so joyful to sit here beneath you.
  • Shine your light and love upon us and make manifest our dreams and desires.
  • May we receive all that is ours by divine right and for our greater good.
  • Thank you beautiful Goddess moon for all your glory.
  • Namaste.
We felt amazing after. Nope, I can't explain it scientifically, but I don't have to :)