It's the first Monday in August! Can you believe it!?! It's been in the triple digits for a while here in Los Angeles and sometimes that makes it an effort just to walk from the car to the market without getting cranky! We spent last weekend in the perfect cooler weather of San Francisco (post coming soon) but for now I'm very grateful to have a pool and air-conditioning.

August is a great time to look ahead and think about what you'd like to accomplish for the rest of 2016. Small things and big things whether it's as simple as finally cleaning out your closet or as grand as planning a trip to another country. Maybe eating better or making time to exercise. Starting to jog a little or running a marathon. From career goals to personal goals from toasting marshmallows to toasting with old friends. Write out your goals and dreams and your plans and schemes, you have to see it and believe it before you can achieve it. So go kick August in the butt and send this summer out with a beautiful bang!