TGIF! I just about had all of my east coast and mid west family and friends snarling at me today as I posted this picture at lunch time. LA, a balmy 89 degrees on February 11th, feeling like, well I was going to say spring but it really feels like summer!
The weather is amazing and as much as I'd love to say I'm reporting from New York Fashion Week, I'm happy to be home in the warm sun shine.  Fashion Week kicked off Wednesday in snowy NYC and as usual the runways are full of some fabulous and some outrageous fashion, (which I will share next week.)  But for now I prefer to scour through the street style looks to see what real women are wearing, and it's even more fun when everyone's goal is to look stylish and chic without freezing their ass off!

So here's some keep warm in style inspiration. Now excuse me while I go slather on the sun block...

Stay warm!