The quest for comfortable shoes for women probably goes back to the beginning of time. I can just picture a bunch of girlfriend cave women sitting around the camp fire deciding on what color leaf would look good and protect the bottom of their feet. And then the one renegade cave women (that would have been me) came up with the idea of adding a rock to the bottom for height, and so the high- heel was born.  OK that's my version. The first written record of the high-heel shoe states that in 1533 the very petite wife of the Duke of Orleans, Catherine de Medici, commissioned a cobbler to make her a pair of high-heels to increase her stature.  I like my story better.

I'm a shoe girl, no secret there, and in spite of the fact that everyone who knows me thinks I'm always in heels, I pretty much divide my time between heels and flats, my feet like it that way. Happy feet, happy girl, foot pain, cranky girl. So I get asked all the time "how can you wear those heels all day?"
The answer, Payless Comfort Plus, yup, Payless!  They are cushioned and so comfortable, come in wide if you need it, and are so ridiculously inexpensive.
If you're saying "those cannot possible be comfortable!" (or Payless) You're right, these aren't them. These are my Steve Madden's. I love these too, but only for an hour or two at at time.  Although I wore them to a wedding recently and danced! It took 3 days of flats for my feet to forgive me, but they're worth the pain, occasionally ;) That's what the cave women said about the rock!
Yes, these are them.
These shoes were made for walking...