I love this concept of incorporating a few (12) detox tips into each day. It makes it doable, less overwhelming, and makes you mindful of your health on a daily basis. Which isn't easy for most of us running around doing a zillion things at once like crazy people.
  1. Drink tons of water, make it fun with favorite bottles, take them with you, spruce it up with lemons, cucumbers, berries and mint. Drink, drink, drink! 
  2. Dry brush your skin.
  3. Drink plenty of tea, especially green for it's detoxifying benefits.
  4. Move that body of yours, it's your one and only.
  5. Eat at least one super food at each meal.
  6. Include probiotic foods or take one in pill form.
  7. Get enough sleep! (I need to do better with this one.)
  8. Limit your TV and news in take, especially late at night.
  9. Scrape your tongue.
  10. Eat organic.
  11. Incorporate fruits and veggies in smoothies and fresh squeezed juice.
  12. Stay away from fast food, refined food, chemicalized food, fake food! You get the picture.
Have a Happy, Healthy Hump Day!

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