We all know that being well means eating well, as the saying goes, you are what you eat!  Yes, it is true, so how about a recipe, (although it's so easy I can't even call it an actual recipe), that takes the pasta out and puts the veggies in and still tastes absolutely amazing? I'm telling you, you'll thank me for this one! This recipe is all about the Zucchini, yes I'm serious, and I know it does not get any draber in the veggie department then a plain old zucchini. So we are taking it from drab to fab ~ introducing ...wait for it...wait for it.....the SPIRALIZER!  A $15 Bed, Bath and Beyond buy and my favorite plastic kitchen appliance ever invented. This little gadget will take your zucchini, not to mention your sweet potatoes and lots of other veggies, from drab to fab in no time flat!! This is easy, fun and delicious and you'll think you are eating pasta, no really!  It will look like this;

SPAGHETTI  ~ This chart is for a 3 oz serving. Hmm when was the last time your bowl of pasta was only 3 oz? Like never?!? Also 3 oz is 47% carbs!               
ZUCCHINI  ~ This charts 100g which is 1/2 cup and only 15 calories so you could eat 10 cups 
and only be at 150 calories. And it's 1% carbs!

You will need 4 zucchini's, a jar of Trader Joe's Vodka Sauce and some cooked chicken. This makes four big servings.
 A Spiralizer which will turn a plan old zucchini into ribbons of spaghetti.
I like to peel a little bit of the skin off, making stripes.
Place the zucchini between the crank handle and the blade and as you turn the crank the spaghetti comes out the other side, have a bowl ready to catch it.
 Heat some olive oil in a pan and toss in the zucchini tossing a few times for about ten minutes or to taste, less time if you like it a little crunchy, more time if you like it soft, you can also throw in some garlic while tossing. Add your cooked chicken and then the sauce.
Top with Parmesan, serve and enjoy!