Hello and Happy Healthy Hump day! Today I wanted to list a few of the benefits of Yoga. Whether you are looking to release anxiety, sleep better, energize your morning, lose weight, relax, become more flexible or have specific health issues to address there is a routine for just about everything. My yoga teacher is 72 and can lift her leg to her nose, she is in incredible shape and inspires us all with her age-less-ness. That's tree pose below, great for practicing balance.  That's me on the right :)

Yoga is amazing for it's restorative powers for your body and your mind. And although it is known to be very relaxing, don't let that fool you, if you take a flow yoga class you will sweat your asana off. And there is nothing more energizing then starting your day with a few sun salutations.
Here are a bunch of links for various routines and of course you can find endless YouTube videos to try at home. My favorite yoga pose is called Viparita Karani, AKA Legs Up The Wall.  Twenty minutes in this pose is supposed to equal a 2 hour nap, it works for me! Also it reverses the effects of gravity, um hello, who doesn't need that one!?!
There are many restorative yoga poses with amazing heeling benefits. If you need to relax and release stress and anxiety these are the best.