Not sure if March is going to go out like a lamb for some parts of the country, but here in Cali there's signs of spring everywhere. I have spring purging fever on my mind which of course means stalking new and fabulous things I'm dreaming about adding to my wardrobe.  (I feel a BINGE or BUDGET coming on) but first my Fab Finds Friday! This haul is kind of a mish mosh, you know, the 'accidental' treasures I stumble upon ;)

I've been trying to incorporate different pillow patterns and blues on our bed to go with this little pillow cover from the cutest, tiniest mother/daughter embroidery shop in Santorini Greece. I can't believe I only bought one! So mad at myself for that, but definitely going back one day.  These big paisley shams were  $20 at T.J.maxx.
Also at T.J.maxx this Anne Klein dress that fits like a glove. And of course another stripe dress because I clearly have a problem with that. Total damage $60.
How adorable is this ipad sleeve, I can hold it up over my face when my husband starts talking about black holes and the Higg's Boson. After I got it I realized I needed a hard shell too, my previous case was both and I never noticed how slippery that little ipad can be in my clumsy little hands. The ShopBando sleeve $9 and the Izak shell $ 7, both steels at Nordstrom Rack.
Have a great weekend and happy hunting!